Smoking Shades Review 2024

The idea behind Smoking Shades is to seamlessly combine premium sunglasses with the functionality of a discreet cannabis pipe and a convenient storage compartment for your favorite herb. But is it as good as it sounds? To answer this question we carefully crafted a smoking shades review article to help you choose whether these shades are the correct choice for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Smoking Shades review will bring you an honest opinion covering both good and bad side of these interesting sunglasses.
  • They are handmade out of acetate and wood making them sturdy and elegant at the same time.
  • Lenses are made out of CR39 polymer with scratch-resistant coating making them durable with a top-tier optical clarity.
  • These smoking sunglasses have 100% UV/UVB protection shielding your eyes from harmful rays, while at the same time hiding your medicated eyes from the outside world.
  • A discreetly integrated pipe is hidden on the right side of the frame, while on the left side, there is a storage compartment.
smoking shades sunglasses on a pink and green background with cannabis leaves

Smoking Shades Review – Specifications


The frames of these Smoking Sunglasses are handmade out of premium acetate and wood. The combination of these finest materials not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of natural elegance. Another key feature of the frame is the Metal Flex Fit Spring Hinge. The flexible hinge adapts to your movements, ensuring that your Smoking Shades stay securely in place.


The lens material is crafted from CR39 polymer, which is one of the top-tier materials when it comes to optical clarity. Topped with a scratch-resistant coating, these lenses guarantee longevity and maintain a pristine appearance, even after countless stoner adventures. The 100% UV/UVB protection ensures your eyes stay shielded from harmful rays, while the Mirror color can successfully conceal your bloodshot eyes if you happen to toke too much.


Smoking shades come with a travel case and cleaning cloth, which can be super useful. The travel case is not just a protective cover but also a discreet storage solution for your favorite herb. While the case has a unique twist, the cleaning cloth is just a cleaning cloth, to be honest, but It does the job of removing smudges from your smoking sunglasses.

Smoking Shades Pipe

Under the sleek exterior of these smoking sunglasses lies a seamlessly integrated pipe, tucked into the right side of the frame. The magic happens with a swift slide, revealing a fully functional and carefully crafted pipe, ready to be lit.

What Sets It Apart?

A tiny sliding door, when closed, contains the smell of smoking. The closed-door design not only conceals the pipe with finesse but also ensures that the Smoking Shades retain their stylish look. Let’s take a look from the side.

side view of smoking shades on a green background with weed leaves
smoking shades pipe on an orange background with cannabis leaves

Perfectly concealed. The pipe is straight making it much easier to clean after the smoke session. Keep in mind that they need regular maintenance. It’s best to clean it after every 2 to 3 uses, as it will prevent the tar from sticking and eliminating any potential smell buildup. 

Smoking Shades Storage Compartment

These smoking sunglasses have a cleverly hidden storage space on the left side. The compartment is seamlessly built into the frame, creating a safe spot for your stash. The little sliding door is the key to keeping your stuff secure and out of sight.

The good thing is that you can easily switch from the storage compartment to the pipe. You can load the pipe in less than 15 seconds, making it super efficient in crowded places. 

Two Flashy Designs

These Smoking Shades come in two classic styles – the alluring cat-eye and the timeless wayfarer. They’re not just stylish, but also practical. You can choose from different UV protective lenses like bold blue, calming green, black, and pink.

Whether you like the mysterious cat-eye or the classic wayfarer, Smoking Shades will not disappoint when it comes to style. With wooden and acetate frames, these lenses will only add the final touch.

Pros and Cons of Smoking Sunglasses


  1. Stylish & Innovative Design. The cat-eye and wayfarer styles are worn by many, and combined with a crafty hidden pipe design they get better.
  2. Convenient. The discreet storage compartment proves to be a standout feature, providing you with all the necessary space to store your stash.
  3. UV Protection. The sunglasses offer a versatile range of UV protective glass varieties, allowing you to personalize the final touch.
  4. Durability. They’re heavy, thick, and strong. Their sturdy build fits well to the face.
  5. Included Accessories: The inclusion of a case and a glass cleaning cloth adds practical value to the purchase.


  1. No Cleaning Tools Included. If these smoking sunglasses had some kind of a pick for the storage compartment. If you pack too much of your favorite herb it can sometimes get stuck and hard to take out.
  2. Limited Color Options. While the UV protective glass comes in various colors, there are just a few options for the frame itself.
  3. Odor Control. It needs to be cleaned regularly, after every couple of uses, unless you want your face and hair absorbing all that smell.

The Final Word

The Smoking Shades are heavy, thick, and strong enough not to fall off your face, you can even ride a jet ski with them. The fusion of premium materials in the frames, the hidden pipe feature, and the practical storage compartment showcase a thoughtful design. While the lenses offer clarity and protection, the accessories add a touch of convenience.

However, a few considerations, such as the need for regular cleaning and limited frame color options, should be weighed against the overall appeal. They might be a good choice for festivals, but not for everyday use as they require a lot of maintenance. 

Overall, smoking sunglasses are a good-looking, unique piece of equipment. It can be an interesting present for some of your stoner friends. Also if you’re looking for present check out our article on Top 10 Cool Cartoon Bongs.

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