What’s A Blunt Bubbler And How To Use It

Bongs, bubblers, steam rollers, one-hitters – the world of cannabis pipes and paraphernalia can be overwhelming, especially for fresh stoners. The aim of the article is to examine blunt bubblers and compare them to other smoking accessories so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s see what makes blunt bubblers so unique.

What Is a Blunt Bubbler?

A blunt bubbler is a compact water pipe, almost half the size of a typical pen, designed to enhance the smoking experience of blunts or joints. Its purpose is to filter and cool the smoke, making it smoother and more enjoyable. Depending on its dimensions, a blunt bubbler can have a slim, round, or elongated shape, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. 

For instance, the MJ Arsenal Martian Blunt Bubbler, measuring 2.5 inches, is an example of this kind of accessory. The design is straightforward, eliminating any unnecessary elements. It features a chamber for water and smoke, a cone-shaped receptacle for your blunt or joint, and a small mouthpiece. Let’s break down the components, starting with the chamber.

Upon initial inspection, you might wonder how this petite device can enhance your blunt experience. It appears too small to be functional, but appearances can be deceiving. The compact chamber is adept at holding the perfect amount of water, effectively cooling down the smoke and filtering out any combusted material. When you take a hit, the resulting gurgling sound is reminiscent of a traditional bubbler. If you hear that soothing sound, you can expect smooth and clean hits, despite the bubbler’s convenient size.

How To Use a Blunt Bubbler

Using a blunt bubbler is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to do it in 8 easy steps:

  1. Begin by filling the blunt bubbler with water, approximately one-fourth full, through the blunt holder. The beauty of a blunt bubbler lies in its efficiency; you only need a small amount of water to fully enjoy its functionality.
  2. Wipe the blunt holder thoroughly to keep your blunts from getting wet.
  3. Grind up some cannabis. We recommend going for a medium-fine grind as it will be helpful with rolling.
  4. Roll a blunt (a joint will work as well).
  5. You can choose to either light the blunt before inserting it into the bubbler or place it in before lighting up. Some prefer pre-lighting for an even burn, while others are comfortable inserting it first.
  6. Draw through the mouthpiece until you have the desired amount of smoke. Some blunt bubblers come with carb caps, offering precise control over hit size and enhancing the overall experience.
  7. Release the bubbler and hold the smoke in for a second or two. 
  8. Repeat the process and enjoy!

If you’re tired of coughing while enjoying a blunt, it might be time to invest in a blunt bubbler. For some, smoking a blunt can make their throat sensitive over time, hindering their enjoyment of this favorite pastime. With a blunt bubbler, you can return to the classic way of smoking without irritation and dryness. Your hits will be smooth, refreshing, and bursting with flavor. Plus, you won’t have to endure soggy blunts when sharing hits with friends.

Do You Get Higher With a Blunt Bubbler?

For many fresh stoners, there’s often curiosity about whether bubblers offer a more potent or longer-lasting high compared to smoking a regular joint or using pipes or bongs. Generally, the answer is no.

The effects experienced after smoking cannabis largely depend on individual factors such as body chemistry, the environment (set and setting), and the specific cannabis strain consumed. However, one noticeable distinction could be that bongs typically have larger bowls, allowing for bigger hits compared to pipes or bubblers. Depending on your tolerance and smoking method, you might discover that bong hits can result in a more intense high than hits from a bubbler or pipe. If you want to invest in a bong here’s how to do it without breaking the bank, check our article about the Top 10 Cheap Bongs Under $30.

Similarly, some bubblers may feature larger bowls than one-hitters or other compact pipes. In such cases, the hit from a bubbler might feel stronger simply because you can pack more weed into the bowl. Ultimately, the potency and duration of your high are influenced by various factors, and the choice between a bubbler, pipe, or bong is just one element in the overall experience.

Is a Bubbler as Smooth As a Bong?

Bubblers serve as an excellent medium-level smoking option. They provide a stronger and smoother experience compared to pipes, yet they’re a more moderate choice when compared to a bong, according to our sources. Additionally, their design makes them easier to handle, reducing the likelihood of accidental drops when compared to the more intricate structure of a bong. Blunt bubblers will deliver smooth and satisfying hits. 

3 Best Blunt and Joint Bubblers

The Commander Tank Bubbler

tank blunt bubbler

Price: $20.00 $̶2̶9̶.0̶0̶  at World of Bongs

Meet The Commander, a blunt and cone bubbler crafted from stunning green borosilicate glass, shaped like the iconic militaristic tank. This small glass bubbler is both affordable and functional, designed to withstand rough handling. The frosted port connects to a fixed-down stem with a triple-slit percolation system, ensuring a smooth smoking experience. The Commander is tough and built to last and also provides a valuable collection piece for all of you who are collecting glass.

Glass Knuckle Bubbler

glass knuckle bubbler for blunts

Price: $39.99 $̶59̶.99  at World of Bongs

Pulsar truly exceeded expectations with their captivating creation, a unique piece shaped like a knuckle duster that fits right in the palm of your hand. Crafted from pristine and durable borosilicate glass, the Glass Knuckles Bubbler Pipe stands at a perfect 5.5 inches tall, catering to various hand sizes while also being spill-resistant. Designed to hold water and percolate smoke as you inhale, this bubbler delivers a smooth and enjoyable smoking session. With rave reviews and high demand, it’s one of the best blunt bubblers on the market.

Martian Blunt Bubbler


Price: $9.99 at World of Bongs

The Classic “Martian” Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal, is the very first product from this innovative brand and surprisingly it’s produced to this day. Designed with durability and portability in mind, the Martian Blunt Bubbler offers a unique Martian-inspired design and an advanced water filtration system. This system ensures a smoother and more flavorful smoking experience by cooling and filtering each hit, eliminating harshness. With its height of 2.5 inches, it can easily fit even into the smallest pocket, just make sure not to lose it somewhere. 

Are Blunt Bubblers Worth It

Blunt bubblers are a fantastic addition to any smoker’s collection of gear. If you’re a fan of bongs or pipes, we strongly suggest giving a bubbler a try. It will convert a simple joint or a blunt into a totally different smoking experience. Their compact size and user-friendly design make them perfect for on-the-go smoking, similar to pipes. Yet, they also offer the cooling and filtration benefits reminiscent of a bong. What’s even better is that they are relatively inexpensive, making it a low-risk investment to explore and enjoy.

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