10 Best Electric Dab Rigs Under $100 In 2024​

Hello, fellow dabbers! We all share a passion for a magnificent dabbing experience, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious newbie to the world of concentrates. We are here to explore the best cheap electric dab rigs and decide which one of these ten dab rigs is the best deal for the buck.

Now, cheap doesn’t always mean low quality; these dab rigs are absolutely the best in their price range. Without further ado, let’s check out our list of top 10 electric dab rigs under $100!

1. Grenco Science G Pen Roam

best electric dab rig under $100 in green color

Price: $99.00 at World of Bongs

The G Pen Roam by Grenco Science takes portable dabbing to a whole new level. Its advanced features, like custom temperature control (600°-800°F), LED display, and spill-proof borosilicate glass hydro-tube, redefine the dabbing experience.

The Quartz tank ensures even heat distribution for rich flavor. With a durable design, removable mouthpiece, and rapid charge, it’s perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts. The 1300mAh battery keeps you going, and the LED display adds a touch of tech. Assembling and cleaning are a breeze, and with a 1-year warranty, it’s a great choice for a cheap dab rig under $100. For this price, you can get it in two color options Lemonade or Dr. Grteenthumb.

2. XMAX Qomo

puffco replica dab rig

Price: $55.00-$65.00

Experience massive clouds on the go with the Qomo Mini Electric Dab Rig by XMAX. Priced under $100, this beginner-friendly e-rig features a small atomizer and bubbler, making it ideal for portable dabbing without breaking the bank. The integrated dab tool and compact design ensure convenience, while the three preset temperatures (280°C, 320°C, 350°C) cater to your preferences.

Easy-to-use commands and a 20-second heating cycle make it perfect for beginners and medicinal users. Optimal for smaller dabs, the Qomo’s easy maintenance, removable parts, and quick heat-up time (5 seconds) enhance the overall user experience. With a 6-month warranty and a powerful 1350mAh battery this cheap electric dab rig is a must-have.

3. SOC Portable E-Nail Kit

soc portable e rig

Price: $63.00-$99.00

SOC Portable E-Nail Kit is a sleek concentrate dab rig powered by a 2600mAh battery. With a ceramic heating element and intelligent temperature control, it offers a hassle-free, on-the-go dabbing experience. The System on Chip (S.O.C.) ensures precise temperature regulation, eliminating the need for a glass rig and blowtorch. However, it’s important to note that its performance can vary, and some users have experienced issues with build quality, leading to a shorter lifespan compared to other devices.

For those fortunate enough to receive a reliable unit, the Soc Enail offers excellent value for its price. It features four heat settings, allowing users to customize temperatures between 450–600°F (232.22–315.55°C). This temperature range is optimal for achieving both low and high-temp dabs to suit individual preferences. Another noteworthy aspect is its impressive 2600 mAh battery capacity, surpassing some well-known brands.

4. DabTech Daborizer

concentrate rig black and white

Price: $99.99 at World of Bongs

Dabbing has transformed the way cannabis enthusiasts enjoy concentrates, and the DabTech Daborizer is another great electric dab rig under $100. This compact electronic dab rig ensures a portable, flavorful experience with a rechargeable battery and customizable temperature control (280°F to 800°F).

Its efficient design, featuring a high-quality quartz atomizer, guarantees maximum concentrate enjoyment. Easy to use and perfect for on-the-go. DabTech Daborizer will undoubtedly step up your dabbing game.

5. SeshGear Dabtron

cheap dab rig under 100 in black color

Price: $64.99-$70.00

Dabtron will step up your dabbing game into the future. Boasting a potent 2000mAh battery, this device ensures extended sessions, free from the limitations of frequent recharging. Its user-friendly design stands out with a top-mounted fire button, allowing for effortless one-handed operation and seamless carb cap control.

It’s easy to clean and delivers strong and dense hits. The airflow is also a great aspect of this cheap dab rig, as the mouthpiece and downstream are wide and can deliver hefty amounts of vapor and smoke. USB-C charging and a 1-year warranty complete this innovative kit, making the Dabtron a must-have for those seeking convenience, flavor, and performance in one discreet package.

6. Dabcool W2

dabcool w2 rig

Price: $79.90-$99.99

The Exseed Dabcool W2 Second Generation Kit is a noteworthy upgrade designed for waxy oils like shatter and wax. Having a larger and more robust build, its standout feature is the waterproof function of the Exseed Second Generation atomizer, marking it as the market’s first atomizer to pass the IPX4 test. With an impressive 10,000 times heat-up testing approval, this atomizer showcases durability. The double structure prevents coil contact with water, allowing users to change just the coil instead of the entire atomizer.

While this sounds great, especially for a dab rig under $100, there are some reports of Dabcool not hitting well initially due to the could not being fully seated. The overall experiences with Dabcool are positive and it’s a great deal for the buck.

7. Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig

ooze barrel e rig

Price: $64.99-$76.00

Ooze always has some fun stoner innovations, and the electro barrel is no exception. This cheap dab rig features the advanced C-Core Onyx Atomizer for an unparalleled dabbing experience. This innovative atomizer ensures uniform heating, intensifying terpene flavors, and producing voluminous clouds. The Electro Barrel transforms into a handheld electric water bubbler with a removable water chamber, enhancing each hit’s smoothness, while airflow is easily controlled through a lid hole.

Powered by a robust 2000mAh battery, this electric dab rig delivers multiple sessions without the need for a torch, providing a seamless dabbing experience. Customize your sessions with three temperature levels, catering to your preferences. The absence of exposed metal heating elements is a great feature, as it will guarantee that you have a heavy metal-free vaping session.

8. Lookah Dragon Egg E-Rig

lookah dragon egg dab rig

Price: $47.50-$62.99

The Lookah Dragon Egg E-Rig impresses with its unique design, featuring a dragon egg shape, a detachable percolator, and a 950mAh battery. The battery is much smaller than other electric dab rigs under $100, but it gets the job done. The quartz coil ensures efficient vaporization of concentrates, and the magnetic flip-top cap, borrowed from the Lookah Swordfish Vaporizer, adds a touch of convenience. The bottom filtration chamber with a thoracic-shaped percolator enhances the cooling of vapors.

However, the all-in-one design, while convenient, may make thorough cleaning a bit challenging. Apart from that, Lookah Dragon Egg seems to be a pretty decent dab rig, especially for the price.

9. Lookah Unicorn Mini Electric Dab Rig

mini pocked dab rig blue color

Price: $79.99-$89.99

Unicorn Mini Electric Dab Rig is another masterpiece from Lookah, standing out as one of the most compact options in the realm of electric dab rigs, offering impressive portability and affordability, all under the $100 mark.

This tiny electronic marvel fits snugly in the palm of your hand and comes equipped with two 710-threaded coils. The included 950mAh battery packs a punch, making it a top contender among portable electric dab rigs by withstanding up to 100 heating cycles on a single charge.

10. Waxmaid Dabber Electric Dab Rig

concentrate rig black and white

Price: $79.99$99.99

The Waxmaid Dabber Electric Dab Rig promises an unparalleled and controlled dabbing experience, unlocking the magic of melting concentrates with ease. This innovative dab rig features a quartz chamber with three evenly spaced coils, ensuring optimal heat conductivity, maximizing vapor production, and maintaining the flavor integrity of each hit.
Waxmaid Dabber offers three heating settings, each accompanied by unique lighting patterns. Users can customize temperature settings (450-550F/550-650F/650-750F).

Crafted with a platinum-cured silicone detachable mouthpiece, the rig ensures easy cleaning, and its unique honeycomb design adds a fashionable touch, making it an ideal gift. Overall, for less than $100, this electric dab rig is a great choice for anyone who wants to experiment with dabbing.

What's The Best Electric Dab Rig Under $100?

As we wrap up our exploration of budget electric dab rig under $100, there is no definitive winner. Throughout this blog post, Canna Capable has explored the various features and benefits of these budget-friendly electric dab rigs, catering to the needs of stoners and weed enthusiasts.

In this price point, whatever dab rig you choose you won’t make a mistake.  They all offer a great way to experience dabbing without breaking the bank.

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