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Best Travel Bongs For 2024

Stoners, hail from every corner of existence, and let’s chuck that outdated stereotype out the window – the one that thinks stoners are just permanently planted on the couch. In our fast-paced world, we’re all in perpetual motion, and when cannabis vibes with your lifestyle, you’ve got to be ready for that impromptu spark-up moment. So, imagine this: having that one trusty accessory that can withstand the chaos inside your backpack or glove compartment. It’s not just important; it’s downright essential.

Lucky for us, the quest for specially crafted travel bongs and pipes is a breeze these days. Whether you’re on the hunt for a quirky piece for weekend escapades or a pipe that seamlessly fits into your daily routine, your smoking gear should be a match for life’s wild adventures, wherever they may drag you.

Sure, some pieces are clearly too delicate or downright massive to be your travel buddies. Silicone takes the crown as the superhero of durability, but don’t snub those high-quality, robust glass pieces on our list. Let me introduce you to a few travel bongs and pipes that won’t crumble in your bag, letting you live your on-the-go lifestyle to the fullest. Light up and live, my friends!

No. 1

1. Expandable Silicone Bong

 Crafted with the thrill-seeker in mind, this silicone water bong is not just durable; it’s your passport to a fantastic smoking experience on the go. Ideal for those prone to accidents or for epic smoke sessions with friends, this bong starts off at a discreet 7 inches, ready to be tucked away for your next adventure. But here’s where the magic happens – when you hit the scene, surprise your friends as it expands to a whopping 15 inches, stealing the spotlight and becoming the life of the party.

best travel bong from silicone


  • Great travel bong, extremely portable
  • Durable Silicone Construction
  • Versatile 14 mm Male Bow
  • Expandable, from 7 to 15 inches
  • Delivers Smooth Hits


  • Few Color Options.
  • Requires Cleaning Attention
  • Silicone Can Retain Odors
No. 2

2. Ooze Trip Bong/Bubbler Rig

Ooze 2 in-1 Bubbler Rig, is a versatile piece designed for both dry herb and concentrates. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical shapes of magic mushrooms, the Ooze Trip Bubbler Rig promises an otherworldly smoking experience in a compact and portable package. This interesting bong is ideal for traveling as it can be easily packed inside your backpack.


  • Versatile With Unique Design.
  • For both dry herb and concentrates. 
  • Secure, suction cup base.
  • Durable Constructions


  • Only 7 inches tall.
  • Limited Water Capacity due to the size
No. 3

3. Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Stündenglass Flip Gravity Bong, a revolutionary device that redefines the classic gravity bong with a cutting-edge design. Utilizing gravity, water, and 360 rotary motion, this award-winning apparatus delivers clean and potent hits, setting a new standard for modern smokers. Precision metal parts contribute to its well-manufactured construction, while features like contactless smoke delivery systems and interchangeable mouthpieces enhance its appeal as the ultimate party device for any traveler.


  • Modern and Sturdy Design
  • Clean and Powerful Hits
  • Double Filtration
  • Compatible with dry herbs, concentrates, and hookah
  • Easy to Clean


  • Complicated to Use
  • Expensive
No. 4

4. Chill – Stainless Steel Bong

Chill Steel Water Pipe in Stainless Steel offers a classic and complete smoking setup with features like vacuum insulation, durable materials, and easy maintenance. While it may be on the heavier side and lacks extensive customization, its straightforward design and inclusive features make it an attractive choice for those travelers seeking a reliable and classic water pipe experience.


  • Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Base
  • 8.5″ Stainless Steel Neckpiece
  • Durable Aluminum Diffuser Downstem
  • Borosilicate Glass Herb Bowl
  • Indestructible Travel Bong


  • It’s heavy
  • Limited Color Options
No. 5

5. GRAV Wedge Bubbler

GRAV® Wedge Glass Bubbler, a high-quality and uniquely designed piece crafted to elevate your sessions. Available in three vibrant colors at our online smoking store, this bubbler is more than just an accessory – it’s a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast who loves to travel. Crafted by Micah Evans, the GRAV® Wedge Bubbler is a handcrafted masterpiece. Its unique design allows for a smoother and cooler smoking experience, standing upright with a wide base to prevent tipping.


  • Discreet Size
  • Compatible With a Range of Accessories 
  • Both For Flower and For Concentrate
  • Made Out Of High-Quality Borosilicate Glass.


  • Price Point
  • Hard to Clean
  • Potential for Clogging
No. 6

6. Bukket Accordion Travel Bong

Step right up and elevate your portable smoking experience with the Bukket Bong, also known as the bucket! Available in four vibrant colors, this gravity pipe promises to take your high to new heights. It is an accordion-style gravity pipe that is 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, however, it can stretch out to over 2 feet in length.


  • Designed for Traveling
  • Accordion Style Stretch
  • Practical & Discreet


  • Really Hard To Clean
No. 7

7. Top Puff Water Bottle Bong

The Top Puff Bong IS a revolutionary tool from Puff Pack that transforms any water bottle into a heavy-hitting bong. Innovation and quality converge in this conveniently designed accessory, allowing users to enjoy a water pipe experience anywhere, anytime. While it may have limitations in terms of filtration and potential fragility, its ease makes it an excellent choice for those stoner travelers who prioritize portability and on-the-go functionality.


  • Ultimate Portability
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ideal for Active Lifestyle


  • Limited Filtration
  • Dependence on Water Bottle
No. 7

8. Hitoki Trident - Laser Bong

Hitoki’s groundbreaking innovation – the Trident is the world’s first clean laser combustion smoking device. This patent-pending laser system seamlessly blends classic smoking practices with modern technology, promising the ultimate smoking experience. The Trident’s modern minimalist design isn’t just functional; it’s meant to be showcased, elevating your sessions with a uniquely satisfying laser display reminiscent of outer space – you’ll feel like you’re already on Mars.


  • Innovative Laser Combustion 
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Custom Temperature Setting


  • Limited Material Compatibility
  • Learning Curve
  • Possible Maintenance Challanges


How To Choose a Good Travel Bong?

Choosing the best travel bong is an important choice for any on-the-go smoker, necessitating careful consideration of essential features. Compact and lightweight designs, such as collapsible or modular alternatives are a great choice as they require less space in your backpack.

Always make sure to get a sturdy material such as borosilicate glass, silicone, or high-quality polymers that are resistant to shattering. During travel, cleaning becomes tricky, therefore you should carefully consider this aspect as well. Also if you are a fan of both herb and concentrate, choose something that can easily switch.

How To Carry Travel Bongs?

Transporting your travel bong offers a few methods to consider. The straightforward approach involves placing it in your suitcase or backpack, with the outcome heavily influenced by the type of travel bong you own. For those with a bit more time, wrapping it securely in clothing can provide added protection.

Alternatively, some people prefer investing in a dedicated case or container designed explicitly for bongs. Regardless of your chosen method, prioritize ensuring thorough protection to prevent any breakage mishaps during your journey.

Can Travel Bongs Be Carried On a Flight?

The possibility of carrying a bong on a flight involves careful consideration of airline regulations, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, legal requirements, and a commitment to discretion. Research and understand the specific policies of the airline you are flying with, noting any state or local laws at your departure and arrival locations.

For a smoother journey, discreetness is crucial; clean your bong thoroughly, consider disassembly for compact packing, and opt for a discreet carrying case. Knowing the cultural attitudes toward smoking accessories at your destination is also vital, ensuring a respectful travel experience. If uncertain, communicate with airline staff in advance and have alternative options as a backup plan.

Do Travel Bongs Need Extra Care?

Making sure that your travel bong is secure is important to prevent breaking during transportation. The specific precautions vary depending on the material of your travel bong. For glass travel bongs, particularly fragile, it is advisable to place them in a dedicated bag and wrap them carefully with bubble wrap or cloth to provide added protection.

This meticulous packing helps safeguard against potential impacts and ensures the bong remains intact throughout your journey. On the other hand, bongs made of silicone are generally more durable and may require less precautionary measures.

Are there any benefits of using a travel bong?

The biggest benefit of using a travel bong in your smoking habit is the ability to bring your prized possession with you on vacation. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, you can easily choose a travel bong that matches your preferences. These bongs are typically made of strong materials such as silicone or glass, which eliminates concerns about shattering when subjected to the bumping of travel.

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