affiliate disclosure


If Canna Capable readers visit a website for one of our affiliate companies and purchase a product from one of the sellers, Canna Capable receives a small commission. However, if the reader is not satisfied and the product is returned later on (the seller’s return policy), then the commission will be received. Canna Capable does not have an incentive to promote inferior products based on requests from affiliate companies we are working with.


Canna Capable may receive free products from companies that are used for research purposes. Receiving these products does not affect our editorial content, nor does it guarantee a favorable review for that specific product.


Canna Capable writers and other editorial staff are never made aware of specific companies or brands with which they do business. The writers do not award product ratings based on communications with employees of companies. However, they may contact company representatives in order to update factual information about products or company policies (such as measurements, material composition, pricing, or warranty information) which is not a subject of our rating methodology.

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